Classic Sound 99.2 FM

Case Studies 07/03/2017

Classic Sound 99.2 FM

Whether you browse though our portfolios or our website, you will be able to find a glimpse of what Design Franc Art can offer you and its esteemed clients. To ensure a better quality and creative flexibility of our awards, trophies and financial tombstones, every creation is made to order and customisable which means we have nothing in stock whatsoever. We encourage our clients to seize this opportunity to alter and redesign our creations according to their allowed budget and artistic desires. After all, it is the ingenuity of our clients that forces us to redefine our creative standards.



An important client specialized in the entertainment and media industry needed to create housewarming gift for the inauguration of a new radio station. Said station wanted to establish itself in the business as a leader in alternative rock music. On top of that, the radio stations gimmick was to parody classical music oriented radio stations. Keeping in mind all of these elements, our client needed us to create a stunning gift for his client.


Creative process and result:

The only creative restriction that was imposed to us was the inclusion of a microphone to the design. For anyone who delved deep into the realms of alternative rock styles and genres will know that variety and originality is key. So, we decided to mix it up and include a wide variety of materials to the design. The base has been made of wood with the name of the radio branded on the front. The microphone is machined clear acrylic on a grey acrylic stand. To add a classical touch to the award, we machined a polished brass and aluminium treble clef.


At the end of the day, it is the collaboration of our artists and the creative vision of our client paired with our capabilities that allowed us to deliver a trophy that exceeded expectation. This is only one example, among many others, where our client seized the opportunity to use our expertise and the designs from our portfolio to create an astonishing trophy according to his creative needs and budget.